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Ternary Expressions

Ternary expressions behave identical as to how they would in C. They introduce no new keywords.

Old Code
local max
if a > b then
max = a
max = b
New Code
local max = a > b ? a : b

Try It Yourself

If Expressions

They also support an alternative syntax, for compatibility with older versions of Pluto:

local max = if a > b then a else b

Doesn't Lua already have ternaries?

While it is true that you can do something like this:

local max = a > b and a or b

Keep in mind that this falls apart when the true-expression has a falsy value:

local x = -1
x = (x == -1 and nil or x)

In this case, x will be -1 despite the intention being to set it to nil. There are no such issues using Pluto's ternary expressions.