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This page contains the changelogs from all releases of Pluto.


This release fixes several regressions made in 0.9.1:

  • Fixed failing to compile on aarch64
  • Fixed method calls no longer working in ternary expressions even with parentheses
  • Fixed walrus operator no longer being usable within unary operator expressions

Furthermore, it improves the walrus operator in regards to disallowing UB and clarifying related error messages.


  • Improved try/catch
  • Improved parsing of for-as loops
  • Deprecated if expressions (if a then b else c) in favor of ternary expressions (a ? b : c)
  • Fixed instances of : starting method call when it should delimit ternary expression
  • Fixed unreachable-code triggering for non-constant values
  • Fixed repeat + continue being able to read uninitialized variables
  • Fixed break and continue possibly not closing upvalues
  • Fixed continue not working as expected when passing through switch statement
  • Fixed switch cases being able to read uninitialized variables
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior with safe navigtion method calls and multiple return values
  • Fixed walrus operator being able to cause UB or corrupt the stack
  • Fixed pipe operator possibly generating incorrect code

Huge thanks to @XmiliaH for reporting the majority of bugs fixed in this update and helping fix them.


  • Added $define statement
  • Added pipe operator (|>)
  • Added compound XOR operator (~=)
  • Added optional global keyword and 'implicit-global' warning
  • Added @fallthrough annotation and 'unannotated-fallthrough' warning
  • Added <nodiscard> function attribute and 'discarded-return' warning
  • Added 'field-shadow' warning
  • Lambdas can now have full bodies by starting with 'do' (e.g. |a| -> do return a end)
  • pluto_use can now also be used via @pluto_use in comments
  • new operator now also supports static 'new' function
  • Deprecated ** operator (use ^ instead)
  • Deprecated let statement (use local instead)
  • Deprecated const statement (use local with <const> or $define instead)
  • Deprecated <constexpr> attribute (replaced by $define statement)
  • Re-added compile-time concat optimization
  • Fixed switch cases being able to jump into the scope of a variable
  • Fixed being able to set nil as a default argument

Standard library:

  • Added '*' library
  • Added 'cat' library
  • Added 'http' library
  • Added 'socket' library
  • Added 'xml' library
  • Added 'bigint' class
  • Added 'scheduler' class
  • Added os.platform constant
  • Added range function
  • Added io.contents function
  • Added io.relative function
  • Added copying variants of existing functions (table.sorted, table.mapped, table.filtered, table.reversed, table.reordered)
  • Added table.size function
  • Added table.clear function
  • Added table.reduce, table.min, & table.max functions
  • Added table.find function
  • Added table.checkall function
  • Added coroutine.sleep function
  • Added crypto.generatekeypair function
  • Added crypto.encrypt & crypto.decrypt functions
  • Added crypto.sign & crypto.verify functions
  • Added crypto.sha1, crypto.sha384, & crypto.sha512 functions
  • Added crypto.adler32 function
  • Added url.parse function
  • Added math.round function
  • json.encode now supports __order for objects
  • json.decode now has an optional flags parameter, they can be combined via binary OR
    • json.withnull makes it decode JSON nulls as json.null instead of nil
    • json.withorder makes it produce __order field for objects
  • coroutines/threads now have a metatable by default
  • base64.encode & base32.encode changed padding parameter's default value from false to true (base64.urlencode is unchanged)
  • Fixed crypto.fnv1 & crypto.fnv1a producing incorrect hashes for non-ASCII strings


  • Added '-c' flag to pluto & plutoc to enable compatibility mode

For integrators:

  • Removed PLUTO_USE_THROW as we now default to using C++ exceptions for Lua errors to avoid breaking RAII semantics. You can still specify LUA_USE_LONGJMP if you want long jumps.


  • Added variable scoping warnings to switch statements to highlight code that will break in 0.9.0
  • Improved some error messages
  • Fixed base32 & base64 functions not being binary-safe
  • Removed compile-time concat optimization because it could produce incorrect results


  • Added a specialized error message for local class = etc
  • 'exportvar' now prefixes function bytecode with 'load'
  • Improved code generation for switch blocks
  • Improved "possibly unwanted function call" warning
  • Fixed dumpvar & exportvar not handling recursion of sub-tables
  • Fixed assert.equal & assert.nequal ignoring extra fields in value2
  • Fixed 'until' possibly using a variable from wrong scope due to 'continue'
  • Fixed var-shadow warning for named vararg being raised on the wrong line

For integrators:


For a more comprehensive overview of the changes, take a look at the commit log.


  • Added switch expressions
  • Added shorthand fallthrough syntax for switch statement & expression, e.g. case 1, 2: ...
  • Added try...catch statement
  • Added spaceship operator (<=>)
  • Added safe navigation for method calls: nilable_inst?:method(), inst:nilable_method?(), nilable_inst?:nilable_method?()
  • Added optional 'const' keyword as shorthand for local ... <const> [= ...], enabled with pluto_use const.
  • Added pluto_use "VERSION+"
  • Tables now have a metatable by default ({ __index = _G.table }).
  • Added '!' as an alias for 'not'
  • Added 'private' modifier for class fields
  • Improved 'class' and 'extends' to support indexed names
  • Improved 'instanceof' to be usable with more complex expressions
  • export now works in all scopes, not just the main body
  • Updated in operator on tables to check values instead of keys
  • \{ is now a valid escape sequence (for interpolated strings)
  • Fixed to-be-closed variables not working in switch cases
  • Fixed 'new' not working as expected if it was disabled by the environment and re-enabled by 'pluto_use'
  • Fixed 'enum class' not incrementing enumerator values
  • Fixed not being able to use expressions such as increment in enum without parentheses
  • Added compile-time concat optimization


  • Added warning for local attributes used without '<' ... '>'
  • Now propagating types for global variables so when their value is assigned to something, mismatches can be detected.
  • Added optional global-shadow warning which is like var-shadow but for globals that are especially vulnerable to obscure shadowing bugs (to prevent excessive annoyance).
    • These globals include: arg,string, and table. Integrators can change this via PLUTO_COMMON_GLOBAL_NAMES
    • Global shadow warnings do not apply to localization optimization (i.e, local table = table)
  • var-shadow has been improved to check more enclosing scopes
  • Improved unreachable-code
  • Fixed var-shadow warning for locals used in switch cases despite break
  • Added optional non-portable-code, non-portable-bytecode, and non-portable-name warning types
  • Warnings can now be promoted to errors, e.g. @pluto_warnings error-all

Standard library:

  • Soup is now always linked in, obsoleting _PSOUP
  • Added assertion library (see here for more preliminary detail)
  • Added url library (encode & decode)
  • Added exception class
  • Added vector3 class
  • Added dumpvar & exportvar
  • Added string.truncate
  • Added string.replace — a slightly faster, but mostly more straightforward alternative to gsub.
    • Most notably, not burdened by MAX_CAPTURES
  • Added string.formatint (supports any BigInt impl that can offer the user a string representation)
    • Also supports any grouping & any separator without concerning locale.
  • Added table.filter
  • Added
  • Added table.reverse
  • Added table.reorder
  • Added io.currentdir
  • Added io.part
  • Added io.writetime
  • Added math.isnan
  • Added compareversions
  • Added wcall
  • Added math.atan2 as an alias for math.atan
  • Added json.null
  • io.absolute now has an optional argument to request a canonicalized absolute path
  • Updated string.rfind to accept Lua patterns
  • Renamed io.copyto to io.copy
  • Renamed base64.url_encode & base64.url_decode to base64.urlencode & base64.urldecode
  • Deprecated string.find_first_of & string.find_first_not_of in favor of string.find
  • Deprecated string.find_last_of & string.find_last_not_of in favor of string.rfind
  • Deprecated string.lfind in favor of string.find
  • Deprecated crypto.hexdigest in favor of string.format
  • Modified require
    • Prioritizes local files now to ensure compatibility. Added require("pluto:libname") to explicitly request pluto libraries if ever needed (normal still works for pluto libraries, we just check for local files first).
  • Removed base58

For integrators:

  • Added PLUTO_NO_FILESYSTEM - disables all filesystem access (for sandboxing).
  • Added PLUTO_NO_BINARIES - disables all dll/so/c module loading (for sandboxing)
  • Added luaG_addsrcinfo

Far more information can be found at our documentation:


  • Fixed unexpected behavior when using a ternary expression inside of an interpolated string
  • Fixed table.contains returning 0 instead of the actual key for non-integer key types
  • Fixed REPL not recognizing multi-line statements
  • Fixed Pluto-injected code corrupting bytecode

For integrators:



  • Updated error semantics of os.remove & os.rename to match Lua's again (return false instead of raising error), Pluto's 'io' versions of these functions remain unchanged
  • Fixed extends not copying over metamethods
  • Fixed "memory allocation error: block too big" when parsing --[[]]
  • Fixed allowing function calls to primitives, causing ambiguities with exprstat after assignment
  • Fixed string.upper & string.lower delimiting on '\0'
  • Some other improvements and bugfixes


  • String interpolation now allows nested strings
  • Improved "unreachable code" warning
  • Improved some error messages
  • Fixed string interpolation not working with string call syntax
  • Fixed rare issues with 'new', 'extends' and 'instanceof' operators


  • Fixed string interpolation not working with single-quoted strings after 0.7.0
  • Fixed os.sleep disregarding execution time limit
  • Fixed scripts being able to go past execution time limit with coroutines


  • Added table destructuring (local '{' NAME [= FIELD][, ...] '}' '=' TABLE)
  • Added array destructuring (local '[' NAME[, ...] ']' '=' TABLE)
  • Added pluto_use <* | version | token> [= false] to toggle non-compatible keywords
  • Added pluto_use let [= false] to toggle 'let' alias for 'local'
  • Added ++ statement
    • Also supports ++t.prop
  • Added constructor promotion
  • Added compile-time conditionals
  • Improved class expression & statement
    • Now supports property declaration without value
    • Now supports type hints (currently without warnings)
    • Now supports access modifiers (currently without warnings or errors)
    • Can now optionally use 'begin' before body
  • Improved string interpolation to support any expression, not just variable names
  • Improved type hints to support alternatives, e.g. string|int
  • Named arguments may now be used in conjunction with positional arguments
  • Improved 'new' expression to support direct member access into the table it created, e.g. print(new Human("John").name)
  • 'new' may now also be used as a statement
  • Fixed loading of precompiled code from files with non-Latin path on Windows
  • Fixed behavior of 'in' expression when used on a temporary table

Out-of-the-box Compatibility:

  • 'parent' may now be overwritten via local or parameter name
  • All reserved identifiers can now be used with shorthand table syntax and goto

Standard library:

  • Added coroutine.xresume

For integrators:


More detailed documentation can be found here.


  • Defaults arguments now produce Lua-compatible bytecode
  • Fixed default arguments not working for methods
  • Fixed named arguments, etc. not working for upvalue functions
  • Fixed 'in' expression for when right-hand operand is nested table
  • Fixed 'in' expression being too greedy in consuming righthand operand

For integrators:



  • Optional Parentheses now works for table types and with chained "suffix expressions"
  • Fixed new overwriting user-defined __index
  • Fixed infinite recursion with multi-level parent calls
  • Fixed some other small issues


  • Optimized lua_insert, lua_remove, & lua_replace (Optimization by @gottfriedleibniz)
  • Optimized luaO_ceillog2 (Inspired by @gottfriedleibniz)
  • Enabled Lua's jump table for clang build as well
  • Fixed a VM performance regression introduced by Pluto


  • Improved suggestions (for when using plutoc with the language server)
  • Optimized switch statement code generation (now omits cases leading to default case)
  • Fixed producing syntax error when 'case' or 'default' is used outside of switch
  • Fixed using 'export' outside of global scope not producing an error
  • Fixed some confusing error messages
  • Pulled in the latest Lua changes so some Lua bugs are now fixed


  • Added <constexpr> attribute to force locals to be compile-time constants
  • Added $expr syntax for compile-time evaluation of select functions
  • Added export [NAME=VALUE | function | class] syntax
  • Added named arguments (name=value in funcargs)
  • Added named varargs (...NAME), automatically puts the varargs into a table with the given name
  • A subset of Soup is now vendored with Pluto so standard library features that rely on it should now be more viable
  • Removed deprecated "pluto_case" and "pluto_default" keywords
  • Removed when statement


  • Added ENUM.ENUMERATOR syntax for named enums
    • Added ENUM CLASS NAME ... syntax to force usage of this syntax
  • Added enum reflection for named enums (:names(), :values(), :kvmap(), :vkmap())

Object-oriented programming:

  • Added new TABLE(...) syntax (creates new table, sets TABLE as its metatable + __index, calls :__construct(...) if exists)
  • Added 'class' statement & expression (similar to table but without need for ',' or ';' after properties and functions)
    • 'class' and 'local class' statements also support extends NAME which sets __parent property and metatable with __index
    • Added static function NAME for use within table constructor/class definition (equal to NAME = function)
  • Added 'parent' expression
    • parent.PROP -> self.__parent.PROP
    • parent:METHOD(...) -> self.__parent.METHOD(self, ...)
  • Added TABLE instanceof METATABLE operator

Type hints:

  • Added 'int' & 'float' type hints (more restrictive than 'number')
  • Added 'void' type hint for function return type

Standard library:

  • Added utonumber, utostring, & string.uformat
  • Added instanceof(TABLE, METATABLE)

For integrators upgrading to Pluto 0.6.0:

  • Consider defining PLUTO_COMPATIBLE_NEW, PLUTO_COMPATIBLE_CLASS, PLUTO_COMPATIBLE_PARENT & PLUTO_COMPATIBLE_EXPORT so 'new', 'class', 'parent' & 'export' will not be reserved keywords just yet, instead 'pluto_new', 'pluto_class', 'pluto_parent' & 'pluto_export' can be used.

More detailed documentation can be found here.


  • Default arguments now support tables
  • Pluto now supports building with C ABI so you can replace Lua's shared library with Pluto's without needing to change the program
  • Fixed return before case or default causing a syntax error
  • Fixed access violation on lua_close with strings as default parameters


  • Default arguments now support compile-time constant variables, unary -, and pseudo-unary +
  • Re-added os.remove & os.rename because they originated in Lua and should not have been removed
  • Fixed some instances of errors not providing a code snippet and reporting the wrong line
  • Fixed enumerators being limited to 32-bit values
  • Fixed warning disable/enable being global-only
  • Removed if-goto optimisation due to various edge cases where goto is not executed


  • Enum statement: Now supports compile-time constant variables when setting value
  • Fixed require, dofile, etc. not taking UTF-8 encoded paths on Windows
  • Fixed pluto & plutoc not being able to execute files with foreign names on Windows


  • Enum Statement: Now supports unary - and pseudo-unary + when setting value
  • Replaced locals limit with registers limit so you can have more compile-time constants
  • Fixed Pluto's IO functions not taking UTF-8 encoded paths
  • Fixed UB when emitting unfinished string error, possibly resulting in an access violation


  • Added "for ITERABLE as VALUE" loop
  • Added $-strings (string interpolation)
  • Added prefix ++ operator
  • Added support for binary number literals.
  • Added C-style enums
  • Added _PSOUP global
  • Updated package.path to look for .pluto files in working directory by default
  • Deprecated "pluto_case" and "pluto_default" (now "case" and "default", respectively)
  • Removed what was deprecated in 0.4.0 (sleep -> os.sleep, os.remove -> io.remove, os.rename -> io.rename)
  • Added execution time limit (optional, must be enabled in luaconf.h)
  • Added content moderation

Standard Library:

  • Added io.makedirs

Standard Library (Soup):

  • Added base64
  • Added base58
  • Added base32
  • Added json


  • Improved wording of some warning & error messages
  • Fixed excessive "duplicate local declaration" warnings
  • Cherry-picked some Lua commits, so the following Lua bugs are now fixed:
    • 'break' may not properly close variable in a 'for' loop
    • error message in 'table.remove'
    • '' accepts spurious continuation bytes
    • Negation in constant folding of '>>' may overflow
    • stack overflow with nesting of coroutine.close


  • Added math.rand as an alias for math.random
  • Changed unknown type hint to be warning instead of error
  • Reverted table.insert optimation due to unexpected behavior
  • Some minor tweaks


  • Improved most error messages, and vastly improved the internal code for them.
  • These reserved tokens can be used as identifiers outside of their functional context: default, case
  • Optimized the performance of table.insert. Roughly 3x faster, but still slightly slower than t[#t + 1]
  • Pluto can now be built using Sun.


  • Fixes a regression introduced in Pluto 0.4.1 that prevented the walrus operator from working within lambda functions that are passed as function arguments


  • Updated lexer to tokenise in a separate pass
    • This fixes Pluto's error messages sometimes not showing the full line
  • Disallowed use of the walrus operator within a function call because it was found to be more janky than expected



  • Walrus Operator
  • Default parameters for functions.
  • New standard library: lcryptlib, for various hash algorithms and cryptographic PRNGs.
  • New warnings:
    • Unreachable code.
    • Too many function arguments.


  • Switch case may now use variables.
  • Shorthand ternary syntax from C/C++.
  • Warnings can be configured with comments.
  • Improved performance of some common arithmetic algorithms.
  • VM Dumping has been rewritten for superb runtime detail on all opcodes, their arguments, their results, etc.
  • string.upper & string.lower take a second parameter indicating a specific index to change. Absence of this parameter preserves default behavior.



  • io.copyto will now overwrite existing files instead of throwing an exception.
  • Improve error handling of other exception-prone IO functions.



  • String.split would previously invoke an infinite loop when an empty string is used as the delimiter.



  • Inlined method creation.
  • STR in STR expressions.
  • KEY in INDEXABLE expressions.
  • Generalized iteration, no need for pairs.
  • io.listdir
  • Reserved keywords as valid fields.
  • Null-coalescing operator (w/ compound operator).
  • continue N & break N for manipulating outer loops.
  • Optional type-hinting, with parser warnings.
  • Safe accessor navigation, to avoid "attempt to index nil" errors for deeply nested fields.


  • table.contains now returns an index if found and nil otherwise (previously returned true or false).


  • Switch no longer has syntactic restrictions
  • Greater switch performance

Documentation for the new changes can be found here.


  • Fixes a bug with the continue keyword


  • Added VM Dump
  • Implemented long jump optimisation


  • Added compile-time warnings for duplicate local declarations
  • Added optional ANSI color sequences in various error & warning messages
  • Added support for ternary expressions
  • Added continue statement
  • Added Table Freezing / Immutability
  • Added Switch/Case statements
  • Added user_data to global_State
  • Added !=
  • Added compatibility mode
  • Added table.contains
  • Added new time functions to os api
  • Added negative string indexing
  • Added compound concatenation operator
  • Added new string functions
  • Added portable jumptable implementation that can be optionally enabled
  • Added REPEAT .. WHEN loop support
  • Added new IO library functions
  • Added _PVERSION
  • Implemented table length cache optimisation (2x speedup)
  • Implemented optional parentheses around string literals for method invocation
  • Increased local variable limit from 200 to 249
  • Rebased with Lua for latest bugfixes


Initial version.

Notable features:

  • Lambda expressions
  • Arbitrary character insertion in numeral literals
  • Many compound operators
  • ** exponent operator