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Getting Started

This document will explain how to get started with writing Pluto in no time.

Write Pluto Online

The easiest way to get started writing Pluto is to use Write Pluto Online, which runs Pluto code directly in your browser using WASM.

Prebuilt Binaries

You can find pre-built binaries of Pluto for Windows, Linux, & Mac OS over on Pluto's Github Releases page.


You can easily install pluto & plutoc via Chocolatey as follows:

choco source add -n "Calamity, Inc." -s
choco install plutolang

Note that Chocolatey 2.0.0 or above is needed.

Compile Pluto Yourself

Pluto can compile on virtually any platform, as long as there's a C++ 17 compiler for it, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • BSD
  • FreeBSD
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Solaris

To compile Pluto yourself, you first need to clone the repository:

git clone
cd Pluto

And then it's as simple as running the make command:

make PLAT={yourplatform}

The platform list can be found here.

After you compile Pluto, all the binaries will be within the src/ directory.

Note for Windows

The make command isn't installed by default, so you should install MSYS.


On Windows, you can install Visual Studio 2022 and simply use the vendored Visual Studio files from the Pluto repository.