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How compatible with Lua is Pluto?

Pluto is 99.9% compatible with most Lua source code. However, it's imperfect. Due to that, Pluto implements several compatibility macros.

Where are the incompatibilities?

Pluto's adds the following reserved tokens:

  • switch
  • continue
  • enum
  • new
  • class
  • parent
  • export

Which means you can't use them as variable names or for function calls. They can still be used with short-hand table indexes and goto labels though, because Pluto removes the restriction from them.

Compatibility Mode

Compatibility mode is a compilation flag that'll prefix pluto_ before any of the new keywords. This can be individually toggled for all of the new keywords. Furthermore, when you decide to disable compatibility mode, the pluto_ syntax is still valid. This project has high regard for smooth migration paths.

How to use compatibility mode

The macros for this are well-documented, and found inside your luaconf.h file.