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Content Moderation

Pluto allows you to moderate what scripts are allowed to run in your environment.

Disable Compiled Code

You can disable execution of compiled bytecode, by defining PLUTO_DISABLE_COMPILED in luaconf.h or your build config.

Filter Loaded Files

You may already have filters before passing scripts to run onto Pluto, but mechanisms such as dofile and require may be used to bypass them. To help you combat this, Pluto provides PLUTO_LOADFILE_HOOK. For example, if you set it to ContmodOnLoadfile in luaconf.h or your build config, you only need to define that function somewhere in your code, like this:

extern "C" bool ContmodOnLoadfile(const char* filename) {
return !isCodeProhibited(soup::string::fromFile(filename));

This requires you to use Pluto as a static library, as otherwise this linking relationship won't work.